Cold Calling

When it comes to getting your brand noticed, cold calling is the most efficient strategy to get your business out there and attract potential clients. But of course, cold calling can be quite time-consuming so instead of spending your free time making calls, leave it to the professionals!

Apart from saving you the trouble and time involved in making cold calls, our team will also pre-qualify each lead to help you gain insights into each consumer’s personality and behaviour. To provide you with the flexibility you need to run your business efficiently, we will ask you about a timeframe for your follow-up call so you schedule the follow-ups in times that suit you best.

What’s more, if you already have your own database, just let us know and we will be happy to update it after each cold call or provide you with a suitable option if you’re looking to purchase one.

In the competitive world of real estate, being innovative is the key to success. Call the neighbours is an incredibly efficient and popular real estate calling campaign that can generate additional interest in your listing and boost its value. We will create a list of properties and features, highlighting the benefits of your listing and contact your neighbours to let them know a property in their area is selling. We can also arrange free marketing appraisals with you to boost follow-ups and add their emails to your database. Once we’re done, you will receive an extensive list of all the neighbours who got back to us and calling statistics you can analyse.
The key to a successful action is knowing the value of your property. The Pre-auction calling is the most efficient way to gain insights into your buyers’ opinions about your property and market it in the right way. Our professional team will get in touch to see whether they’re planning on attending your auction and confirm their details for a follow-up call. In case they’re hesitant about attending, we will look into their opinions on the property in general, its price range and what improvements they feel are necessary to help it sell. As we are not directly a part of the sales process, potential buyers tend to be far more open when it comes to sharing their opinions. This enables us to create an objective evaluation of the market and property and use it to set a realistic price and help your property sell!
Out-dated or poorly organized databases are the bane of every real business owner’s existence and can cost you hundreds of potential leads and dollars in revenues. Your potential customers change their contact details constantly which might lead to you having a database full of irrelevant or past contacts. Instead of wasting your money on sending marketing materials that never reach your customers, think about having your database cleaned and updated. All you need to do is give us your old database and we will do the job for you by creating a campaign to expand on the current details and make sure your marketing materials always reach their recipients.

Our Skills

3-5 leads every 4 hours
20+ conversations per hour
Unlimited appraisals/ market reports
Dedicated one on one support