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Sonia Tafilipepe a brand and territory owner at Mike Pero Real Estate started her journey with Mike Pero in January 2014 as a service delivery and training manager. She soon grew to operating her own franchise in Avonhead mall and more recently in Belfast and New Brighton. MyCallCenter recently caught up with her to explore how we have been adding value to her business in the last 1.5 years since using our lead generation services.

Sonia Tafilipepe - Brand & Territory Owner, Mike Pero Real Estate

Our Edge

We get you results

With success rates of 99% and generation of quality leads, My Call Center is an industry leader and a pioneer in the world of real estate marketing and telemarketing. Our one-to-one customized support can assist the newer agents and help them hit the ground running in no time to free up your more experienced agents and provide them with the time they need to do the things they’re best at – listing and selling. Our approach targets all levels of the telemarketing business to provide outstanding and sustainable results in the shortest period of time.

We at My Call Center know that businesses evolve all the time which is why we strive to understand the goals and missions of your business and provide flexible solutions tailored to your present and future needs.

And, of course, we’d like to keep things transparent so you won’t find any hidden set-up fees, cancellation charges or data costs!

  • No set up fees

  • You dont have to buy your own data

  • We speak to landlords and can identify multiple property owners

  • We send the leads on the same night of calling

  • Flexibility, No hidden costs or Cancellation charges

Our Clients
We have had the privilege of working with some of the top Real estate companies in New Zealand.

Why we are different

It is very clear, We are soley focused on Real Estate calling

Real Estate is our Passion


  • mycallperson

    Lee robinson

    Central Realty

  • I have been working with My Call Center for over 6 months now. I have found them to be a very easy company to work with. It helps me focus on what I am good at, feeding me leads to keep new business just turning up. A colleague of mine was using them and recommended it. I am glad he did! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking at growing their business. It is so easy to add another quality lead generation strategy into your current game plan.

  • mycallperson

    Patrick Stegeman


  • There are a lot of things I need to do in my work and I was looking for a partner who could help me with new contacts for potential new listings. After approaching Mycallcenter, they have saved me time allowing me to focus on other things whilst increasing my database with contact details (email addresses) and its a great way to get appraisals.The team at Mycallcenter listened to what I needed and provided a good service. They are approachable and have become part of my team. Got my first listing with My callcenter after 6 months and got some more in the pipeline. So for all the other agents that are considering to use Mycallcenter: don't try it out for just a month, give it a fair chance to succeed. Patrick.S

  • mycallperson

    Vish and Robbie

    LJ Hooker

  • Mycallcenter provides us with 3 key benefits, calling absentee owners, being professional and they under commit and over deliver. I have begun using them on a regular basis as they get results every single time. I will highly recommend Mycallcenter services to other agents. Team vish and robbie

  • mycallperson

    Jenny Martin

    Waipu Real Estate

  • Thanks MyCallcenter for your help in promoting my business. Your team has been very flexible in accommodating my needs and delivered on your promises. The data received back was clear and concise and your team have been polite in handling the calls in my local area. I will be using Callcenter again and would recommend them to others.

  • mycallperson

    Shane Coote

    Central Realty

  • Mycallcenter does a great job generating leads for me while I concentrate on turning leads into listings and sales. The team has been thorough and professional and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who wants to meet more prospective clients.

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  • mycallperson

    Lilian Rolston

    Barfoot & Thompson

  • Hi Mycallcenter, thanks for your ongoing support with follow ups on how my leads are going. Your company is reliable with their promise to promote my business as much as possible. I also appreciate that you are open to suggestion with changes to the scripts being used, this accommodates the particular region I live in. I will continue to use Mycallcenter as long as I feel I need the service offered.

  • mycallperson

    Marilyn Te Amo

    Waimak real Estate

  • I have used MyCallcentre to procure leads for my real estate business for several weeks now.The service has been prompt with at least 5 leads provided each time. The leads forwarded to me each have excellent details regarding the vendors with information regarding how and when to contact them as well as the type of service they are expecting from me. This is a great help for me to find future business.

  • mycallperson



  • I am thrilled that I have taken on board My Call Centre, with a Sale coming from a call in the first month.I find that the third person calling – as this is, means that when I touch base there are no surprises and that I am there to talk business straight away, no worries of introducing and going through the pain of finding a willing seller. I have written my own dialogue in a couple of different ways so that we can target specific properties with specific questions, and this is proving to give me better follow up. I have found a sense of positiveness and uplifting within myself since having My Call centre being part of my business. Chelsey is wonderful at listening to my requests and is very responsive to any questions I may have – always a pleasure at the end of the phone. I thoroughly recommend anybody considering to give it a go, as there are homes out there wanting to sell!. Thank you to the team at My Call Centre

  • mycallperson

    Donna Crichton

    Ray White

  • I hired "My Call Centre" to telemarket for me to promote my business.They were very professional, did what they said they would do, and were very accommodating of my requests. I would be happy to use them again and to recommend their services.Thank you once again for your efforts

  • mycallperson

    Nicola o'sullivan

    Barfoot & Thompson

  • My experience with Mycallcenter is that they are very professional and organised, they got back to me at the time they told me they would, they got results for me, they are reliable and passed the contacts on with all the necessary information from their first contact with the client. I am currently talking to a few of the leads they created for me and I would like them to do more calling for me

  • mycallperson

    Michael Moimoi

    Barfoot & Thompson

  • The team at MyCallCenter has been able to listen to my needs and work strategically alongside me in planning where to call and when. They have been flexible, professional and reliable. Their work has consistently provided leads for appraisals and followup, enabling me to acquire listings and build a strong data base. I have considered other tele-marketing agencies but believe with MyCallCenter I get the best value for money

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  • mycallperson

    Rita Servay-Adams

    Barfoot & Thompson

  • Over the years I have tired all sorts of ways to bring new listings in from flyers printed in house, professionally printed DL cards, letter mail outs and letterbox drops and so on. However I resisted telemarketing as I dont like cold calling. I used Mycallcenter for the first time this year. They provide a prompt and professional service with fully comprehensive same day reports on calling sessions. I'll continue to use Mycallcenter for my calling, they are great value for money. Not to mention the leads generated by Mycallcenter. I would not hesitate to use them again or refer them to my colleagues

  • mycallperson

    Gretchen Gavey


  • I have employed "My Call Centre" to undertake telemarketing to assist in the promotion of my business. I have found them very professional in their service. They have delivered what they have promised and the outcome from the leads will far out way the cost. I have every intention of reemploying My Call Centre again in the near future. Would like to extend a warm thanks to all those involved in calling on my behalf

  • mycallperson

    Philip Robson


  • When I was initially contacted by My Call Center I was a little dubious. Having used another company before which resulted in misleading appointments. But on trying My Call Center I must say I was surprised at the response of leads & future leads generated. All I can say is give them a try

  • mycallperson

    Ross Francis


  • Mycallcenter recently gave me a trial and explained what they would be doing. They were very professional, did what they said they would do, and were accommodating of my requests. I would be happy to use them again and to recommend their services

  • mycallperson

    Sonica Tafilipepe

    Mike Pero

  • Hi I would like to say how efficient and effective I find your service. The communication and follow up is awesome.

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- Telemarketing is marketing conducted via the medium of the telephone to an intended market or target group. It can therefore cover a variety of functions; including lead generation, appointment setting, raising awareness, up-selling, route to market, market research, event support, customer surveys and many more.
- In theory nothing, but in reality we are guessing the answer is time! The questions to ask yourself are; how many calls do you make on a daily basis? Would you call a prospect at least five times? Do you know your prospect’s name? Do you consider the best time to call your prospects? If you tick all of these boxes, it might be worth considering what the free time would mean to your business if you were to outsource these tasks. Telemarketing is by no means a replacement of any company’s sales force. However, it can make it more cost effective by having sales people spend more time in front of customers rather than chasing them for appointments
- Any experienced marketer will tell you that no single marketing initiative can do the whole job effectively. The best results are achieved when telemarketing is integrated with other marketing activities such as Content Marketing, SEO Email Marketing, Direct Mail, PR or events. However, Mycallcenter gives you the edge within a few hours to hit the ground running to start acquiring listings.
- We will ensure we keeping going till we deliver your promised results. We will not charge for additional hours.
- We are based at 10 Federal Street in Auckland CBD and all our calls are made in house by certified telemarketers with an onsite manager till 9pm every night. We do not operate as a home based operation as its difficult to ensure quality and quantity of leads
- Firstly, we target the right people. There is nothing more irritating than a sales call that has no relevance to you at all. With our expertise in data sourcing and management, we can effectively and efficiently target the people your business will be of interest to. Depending on the area, we can also identify the best time to make the call – a far cry from sales agents who insist on interrupting dinner time!
- Depending on the complexity of the answer we will inform the clients that we are not experts in real estate sales processes and would pass on the details to our expert agent who will get back as soon as possible with the appropriate answers
- We highly encourage you to speak to our telemarketers to get a feel for the person representing your brand. In that time, you can also mention specifics that you would like our callers to cater to
- It takes at least 3-4 hours of calling to build awareness and generate momentum to produce leads. We therefore recommend that all projects should be considered as a regular investment, even if our services are employed for just 1 to 2 days per week for a period of three months
- We understand that outsourcing telemarketing services is very different to doing the work internally, mainly because you are unable to keep an eye on the work being carried out. This is why we carry out regular reporting to keep you up to date with what we are doing. Throughout the process we can also collect and advise you of additional information about the respondent, providing you with a pipeline of further opportunities.
- It depends on the area of calling. We usually adjust our calling cycle to suit rural or residential calling. However, we do suggest Mondays to Thursdays 4.30pm to 8.30pm
- Payment is done via bank transfer or credit card and is payable within 7 days of issue. You can choose to pay before the calling cycle as well
- We have a 97 % success rate of delivering the said amount of leads, however if by some means we are unable to generate those leads we will keep going for extra hours without any charge to you. We stick by our commitment to you
- We do not charge for any set up costs or data costs.
- We highly recommend sticking to our tried and proven script. However, should you wish to alter areas of the script, we may not be able to guarantee the results offered.
- We will happily work with any database, however, we advise that the quality of the data seriously impacts on the campaign performance. We will make you aware very early on if we are spending too much time data cleaning when we should be generating leads
- We ensure you receive your leads by 9pm the very same night of calling through email. We also can implement our online lead monitoring system for you to receive leads real time. Ask us how.
- We ensure the said amount of leads are supplied hence you will always get value for your paid hours. Plus, once the trial has been completed you would be able to get a feel for the hours versus contacts that were produced and our consistency rate for your future reference
- We attempt 20-25 people per hour and converse with about 20 clients
- The choice is completely yours, we can cater to any marketing campaigns you have.
- Our minimum hours are 2 hours per week. This is so that we can generate lead value in that given time
- More than happy to cater to your request, however we have to ensure there is no area lockdown for other agency’s or agents in that area
- There are no set up fees, however for cancellation we would need at least 2 weeks of advance notice depending on the length of the contract so that we could re-adjust our shift cycles to suit.
- It would be best if you can supply us your preferred area, we can than make recommendations to suit thereafter
- Once we have locked down a specific area for you, we will not call for anyone else in that location.


More than 3000 agents and agencies around New Zealand have used mycallcenter services. We'd love to work on your campaign and make sure your brand gets the attention it deserves' Get in touch today and let's start a discussion, all consultations are free.

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